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The 1600’s saw Pilgrims, Puritans and Christians from Europe, sailing to a new land where in America there was r country. America. They desired freedom to worship according to their faith. TheProtestant Reformation restored the essence of Christianity – conscience – a law of right and wrong written within a person. True Sabbath-keepers hear that voice of conscience. We understand the ethics of personal liberty and accountability to our Lord, who said, “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.”

As you will see in scanning our Seminar content, we purpose to share more than spoken messages. We want to leave with your group materials they can study and use as they grow in their freedom to worship the true Creator God of the Sabbath.

Basic Seminar’s Seven Inspiring Sessions

  1. Friday Evening opening session 7:00 pm.
    “Arranging our Sabbath Date with Christ” Hand out: “If I be lifted up”
    Life Illustrations: Ticket to Heaven, Finding Time, God’s Art Gallary
  2. Sabbath School Presentation:
    “The Easiest Way To Keep Sabbath” + Lecture outline.+ “Away with legalism”
    Life Illustrations: Three ways to check your motives!
  3. Worship Service
    Sermon: “Christ’s Defining Truth of History”
    Special Scripture Reading: “The Magnificent Seventh-day Sabbath”
    Gift: 11 x 17 “Sabbath Memorial Wall of Protection” given to each family
  4. Fellowship Luncheon
    A delightful church vegetarian fellowship meal
    ‘Sabbath placemat quiz’: Questions with rewards
  5. Sabbath Sing for Joy: 1:30 p.m. 25 minutes before Seminar begins
    A 76-page “Sabbath Pocket Song Book” for those attending the Seminar
  6. First Afternoon Session: “Seven Keys to Sabbath Delights”
    (Discovering the defining differences between Saturday-keeping and Sabbath-keeping)
    Life Illustration: What lights you up?
    An 85- page Seminar Resource Book for each one attending session
  7. Second Afternoon Session: “Your Personal Sabbath Legacy”
    (Discovering why Sabbath Delights will live on in your heart, home and friendships)
    Life Illustration: Stirring up the gifts God has given you!
    Special “idea” display that builds a Sabbath legacy of love
    “Seven Delightful Sabbaths” packet given to each family
    Sabbath planning sheet and Character Qualities list


“Sabbath Delight Revival Week” Plus Basic Seminar

Depending on the goals of your church/group, extra days can be added for a revival week and different needs can be met to prepare a group for the Basic Seminar, with subject titles like; ‘The Sabbath Through The Eyes Of Jesus’, ‘Treasuring our Sabbath Treasure’, ‘Men and the Sabbath’. We are here to serve your needs.

Sabbath Commandment



Follow these simple three steps for Church or Group Seminars:

Step 1 – Acquaint yourself with our Seminar website information.
Step 2 – Contact your appropriate committee, board or leaders. When interested, have the appointed coordinator contact us for a sample pack of materials.
Step 3 – Following decision to have Seminar, establish a coordinator to work with us in scheduling date and necessary arrangements.


When asked, “What is involved in having a Seminar come to our church or group?”,
below is our basic information we send in letter without personal info.

Sabbath Delight Seminar

“If you call the Sabbath a delight. . . then you will find your delight in the Lord.” Isa. 58:13-14
Our Mission: Restoring the Sabbath to its delightful place.

Seminar Expenses:

1. Cover flight or mileage expenses following your policy. Also, provide room and board. Prefer to stay in homes of believers.

2. All materials provided for each attendee in the afternoon Seminar are $4.00. Church covers this expense. Costs are kept low so Seminar is affordable.

3. An Honorarium. We do not set a price for the Seminar. Let the Spirit guide the church in this gift. We leave it to each group to decide whether they collect an offering or cover costs from their budget.

Four Overarching Seminar Goals:

1. To exalt Christ as our “Sabbath-keeping Savior” and encourage Spirit-filled Sabbaths.

2. To help new believers see Sabbath keeping as a delight.

3. To give seasoned saints insights and inspiration to develop a delightful Sabbath keeping legacy that will inspire their children’s and grand children’s faith.

4. To prepare all for the coming Sabbath test in Revelation 13 vs. false worship.

The Seminar material is presented from my perspective as a pastor, husband and father! We also are very sensitive to the considerable pain, guilt and frustration in many families regarding Sabbath-keeping. It is time for healing and not more guilt. The times demand a clear call to faithfulness in Sabbath keeping. As the prophetic days grow darker, Sabbath–keepers will find the Sabbath will shine brighter! God’s Spirit sealing His people will restore the Sabbath to it’s delightful place! Isaiah 58:13-14 makes it very plain. When we discover how to delight in the Sabbath, we have also found how to delight in our Lord!

Note: If there is another church or group near you who would also like to have a Sabbath Delight Seminar the week before or after yours, the travel costs could be shared.

We will supply the layout for flyers, bulletin inserts, announcements and plans for prayer ministry in preparing for the Seminar. May we say again, “We are here to serve you.”

With Christian joy,
Dave and Sandy Bostrom


The Greatest Is Love


Planning Spiritual Sabbaths (Growing a Sabbath legacy one memory at a time!)

Welcome to our “Sabbath Delight Seminar” PRIME THE PUMP section. For those who love Christ, this is an exciting section. Have you noticed couples in love? They are one of Solomon’s four wonders: ‘a man with a maid’! Courting is a sparkling time. Love spares no end of money, time and energy to win another’s heart. It’s amazing and true! The greatest evidence of that is to remember what Christ has done for us?


Is there a parallel of planning special dates with our sweetheart or spouse to planning Spiritual Sabbaths with our Lord? We believe there is. But how does one plan special times with a King, a Creator, Lord, and one who loves us as much as Jesus does? As you ponder that answer, let me share some of my answers.

Not knowing who is visiting this page, I’m going to explain why I believe those who are in love need love planning!


LOVE TAKES MONEY AND TIME: Most Christians know God has claimed 1/10th of our INCREASE or salary, the tithe, as His. Why? But have you thought that God has claimed even more of our TIME. 1/7th is His. Why? One answer to both questions is, “Because He loves us”. In two spheres of our life, money and time, God steps in and promises to reveal how much He loves us. In my pastoral ministry I’ve heard consistent testimonies that God blesses our 9/10 more than our original 10/10ths. Like those who tithe, believers who ‘delight’ in His seventh-day Sabbath, experience the same. They see Jesus merging our six days of faith, holiness and love during the week, like streams that follow converging courses, into His Sabbath river which then flows and fills with incredible spiritual currents! The Sabbath rest breaks distress and sin cycles. We do not lose a day as we rest. Instead, He multiplies His blessings with more love, health, vitality and productivity for the new week than if we had selfishly used the seventh day for our own profit.

LOVE TAKES PLANNING: It is a shocking surprise for many casual Christians to study their Bible and learn what God says about His seventh-day Sabbath rest. They learn keeping the Sabbath day holy is not going to church for three hours. It is spending an entire day, from sundown to sundown, with Christ! This golden opportunity, challenges new and seasoned believers with the question, ‘Lord, how should I spend this day with you? How can I keep your day holy? God’s word has called the sixth day of the week, our Friday, the Preparation Day (Mark 15:42). Preparation means to get ready or make ready. Now friends, when people are in love, they love to plan. And that plan motivates them to be ready for the date!

WHAT IS LOVE’S FIRST STEP TO PLAN FOR SABBATH? Answer: Set aside the entire day for Him! The LORD is the one really interested in having 24 hours with us. That is why in the Commandments He wrote with His own finger, “Remember the Sabbath day”. Christ doesn’t forget! He is more passionate to be with us on Sabbath than we will ever be. He died for us. His love is perfect. And now His Spirit and angels are waiting and longing for our welcome and permission to join us. Here is where I get excited. Great lovers come not only to share themselves with the one they love, but they usually have a surprise with them! Some lovers are so extravagant! Well, that’s love! Love is not miserly. Love gives. Could it be too many of us tend to forget that our Christ and Creator owns and sustains all things, is coming to give us gifts on Sabbath. Friends, we must not lose that anticipation. He’s coming. What blessings or gifts will he bring?

Now, setting the entire day aside is no small feat. It’s like setting your tithe aside. You have to be sure it’s protected and not spent! We humans are not like snails or sloth’s. Our minds think on much higher levels. If we just sat down when the sun set on Friday, how long would it be before we were restless and bored? The authentic history of creation in Genesis 1-6, gives the true story of man made in the image or likeness of God. It also reveals God planned all of creation week. He even had a plan of salvation ready should man fall into sin. Evolutionist, (who do not believe in a creator God) believe everything is here by accident.

Creationist believe God planned our world and our personal existence. Creationist believe humans are intelligent planners and organizers. That is why we love. Love understands planning to make another happy. What a wonderful loving God it is that has planned a seventh-day Sabbath date for us each week.

Love is not selfish. Therefore, we’re not only expecting our guest for Sabbath, but we desire to give our best to Him. Is it possible, God made this day of rest that we might catch up our love to His?

A SPECIAL WORD OF CAUTION BEFORE PLANNING SABBATHS: Jesus is our guest and is coming to our home to spend Sabbath. We should not make the Sabbath more than what Christ would want or meant it to be. He said in Matt. 11:30 “My yoke is easy”. Giving the day to Jesus, really means we should let the Spirit lead and inspire the plans. So, be alert and loving. Do not run the day with a force and heavy hand that is not spirit led. It’s easy for self to rule here. Remember, the Sabbath is to be “HOLY TIME”. Learn how Jesus keeps the Sabbath. Then, you can’t go wrong! If the day is boring or is over programmed, something is wrong. Find out what and why? Remember, as servants or friends, “His yoke is easy.”

SPIRIT INSPIRED SABBATHS: We will begin now sharing categories of many wonderful ideas from Sabbath keepers who said as a result of these activities their Sabbaths were filled with special meaning, joys and delights that encouraged their hearts to be drawn nearer to the Lord. The more a Sabbath is planned with decent orderliness, the heavenly angels rejoice. Please notice these encouraging insights:

“Everything connected with heaven is in perfect order. . . It is his (Satan’s) studied effort to lead professed Christians just as far from heaven’s arrangement as he can . . . and makes them believe that order and discipline are enemies to spirituality.” TM 29

“Angels work harmoniously. Perfect order characterizes all their movements. The more closely we imitate the harmony and order of the angelic host, the more successful will be the efforts of these heavenly agents in our behalf. . . Those who have the unction from on high will in all their efforts encourage order, discipline, and union of action, and then the angels of God can cooperate with them. But never, never will these heavenly messengers place their endorsement upon irregularity, disorganization, and disorder. All these evils are the result of Satan’s efforts to weaken our forces, to destroy our courage, and prevent successful action.” TM 28

A GATHERING PLACE FOR IDEAS: We’re assembling ideas here from many Sabbath-keepers. Use what God puts on you and your families hearts. Be prayerful and let the Spirit guide you in selecting and using the information. Remember, no one does everything. Learn to recognize how your Sabbaths are to be focused and centered around Jesus and filled with His love.

SHARE YOUR SABBATH DELIGHTS AND IDEAS BACK WITH US: Go to the CONTACT PAGE …. follow directions and we’ll contact you.

A DIVINE CHALLENGE AS YOU BEGIN: Pray that the Lord will help you plan a Sabbath that will be so inspiring with Christ, you’ll treasure it’s memory. The Holy Spirit will give inspiration, creativity and wisdom as you purpose to do this. Look back in your life. Are there special days you remember because they are so inspiring? Let’s ask our Lord to inspire you to plan a Sabbath your family will never forget.

Keep it simple: Exploring how YOU can plan a spiritual Sabbath to remember!
(Like cherished birthdays, anniversaries or events, Sabbaths can create forever memories!)


Sabbaths Fall In To Several General Patterns of Time Spent With Jesus

This first general choice of the kind of Sabbath you wish to spend with Christ will center or be a part of one of these seven Sabbaths that follow: Look at the variety of experience here.

  • A Quiet Sabbath: At home or in nature. Usually alone to pray, meditate, study and focus full attention on your relationship with Christ. We call this an ENOCH Sabbath.
  • A Caring Sabbath: Where your desire is to visit and love special people in need; the sick, elderly, widows, fatherless, homeless etc. We also call these, LOVE Sabbaths.
  • A Bible Fellowship Sabbath: Special time is set aside to give a Bible study or discussion with seekers or believers.
  • A Family Sabbath: The family, children, grandchildren, or relatives, is gathered together at home or in nature to be with Jesus.
  • A Friendship Sabbath: Spent with special friends and believers who desire to spend time together with Christ.
  • A Church Sabbath: Spending much of the Sabbath time at the church for special happenings, activities and programs.
  • A Ministry Sabbath: A Sabbath where I know the Lord is using my spiritual gifts, fruits, skills and abilities for witnessing service especially to unbelievers.

Note: Each of these Sabbaths have qualities that can be a part of all seven. The importance here is that, whatever we do, let it be to allow the Spirit to show us how we can spend Jesus rest day with Him.

“The darker our world grows, the sweeter will be our Sabbaths with Jesus.