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Dave & Sandy Bostrom

Dave & Sandy Bostrom – Sabbath Delight Seminar


We are grateful you have visited us on this page. It would be our joy to meet you. Until then, let us introduce ourselves and share a few insights with you about why we wish you could attend our Sabbath Delight Seminar and follow updates here on our website. Remember, God promises . . . delight in my Sabbath and you’ll delight in Me. That is God’s own promise in Isaiah 58:13-14.

MEET DAVE BOSTROM, Director and Speaker of Sabbath Delight Seminar

Born and raised in Southern California, Dave began his pastoral ministry, as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, following his training at Columbia Union College, in Takoma Park, Maryland, and the Seminary at Andrews University, in Berrien Springs, Michigan from 1966-1971. Since 1972 his journey as a pastor began in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on to North Carolina, Texas, Central California and finally to Oregon retiring in 2008. Dave’s passion has been for medical missionary ministry, like Total Health Seminars and Five Day Plans to Stop Smoking, Gospel and prophetic seminars, and a deep love for pastoral ministry. Dave had a priority of Christ first, family second and ministry third. Since Dave married Sandy in 1965, they have been an inseparable team in Christian ministry.

Dave has been a runner since 1970 and has run over 50,000 miles, 4 marathons and many races. He also loves back packing the High Sierra mountains in California. Completing the 222 mile John Muir trail atop Mt. Whitney the first time, inspired him to continue summiting Whitney over 16 times-and still counting-as his favorite mountain. Living in the Northwest has inspired climbs of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainer. The mountains are his favorite setting in nature to teach and train his children in the ways of our Creator God.

Dave’s special interests in pastoral ministry have been Jesus in marriage, family, men’s groups, delightful Sabbaths and the Three Angels’ Message’s of Revelation 14. It is in this life setting of ministry, and because his family’s greatest joy each week was the Sabbath, that he heard God calling him to develop a Sabbath seminar. The many friends and church members who asked Dave and Sandy to share what made their Sabbaths so special and Christ-centered, became the substance and heart of their Seminar.

MEET SANDY BOSTROM, Wife and Presenter in Sabbath Delight Seminar

Sandra was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Roscommon, MI until her family moved to Norwalk,California. She became a Sabbath-keeping Christian when a senior in high school. Since that time Sandra dedicated her life to serving her Creator Lord. She met Dave and they married two years later in 1965. She served as a secretary from 1965 to 1971. When Dave began his pastoral ministry she trained as a Home Nutrition Instructor teaching vegetarian cooking schools, health classes, and teaming with Dave in his ministry.

After 10 years God blessed and they began their family, having four children. Sandy taught home school while teaming with Dave in ministry. She enjoyed hiking in the mountains with Dave and the kids. Sandra’s love for Jesus and His Sabbath gave her a special ministry of Sabbath hospitality. As a mother, wife and pastor’s helper, it has been her joy to make Sabbath the happiest day of the week.


How did God get Dave’s attention? Dave began finding coins while running. From April in 2004 to January 2006 he found and put in a jar, 552 coins. Each coin has the motto, “In God We Trust”. At the same time God put on Dave’s heart to work on Marriage and Sabbath Seminars and, ‘to trust Him’. In January, 2006, Dave began praying for direction for the Sabbath seminar outreach. Immediately he found small piles of 17-25 coins! Asking God to show Sandy this evidence as well, he prayed and on the next walk they found a scattered pile of 145 coins! (previous to this he seldom found a coin while running.) The decision was made! Since then, they have found over 7,600 coins on 925 of 952 walks and runs–97% of the time! God gives a constant reminder to ‘trust Him’ in developing and going forward with the Sabbath Delight Seminar.

It is Dave’s shepherd/evangelist’s ears, hearing appeals for help in keeping Sabbath holy, that has touched his heart. Those who love Jesus Christ, have a deep desire to spend the seventh-day with their Sabbath-keeping Savior. To know Him is to love Him. To have the Lord of the Sabbath as Lord of all in our lives, every day, brings one to truly ‘delight in the Sabbath day.’

We thank those who can donate to our Seminar Ministry. We are a supportive ministry that receives offerings. We encourage all who would give to please be faithful in returning God’s tithe to your local church.

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Dear Sabbath-keeping friends. As Sandy and I travel presenting the Sabbath Delight Seminar, we believe there is a great need for God’s remnant people to restore the Sabbath to its delightful place. We need to encourage one another in planning meaningful and spiritual Sabbaths and spending the day truly with our blessed Savior and Creator.

Did you know that for six years in a row the Seventh-day Adventist Church has seen over one million baptisms a year into God’s remnant church? So we have asked ourselves, “How can we help support new believers in their desire to obey God’s command and keep the seventh-day Sabbath holy?” Perhaps you and I can help. The Lord has put on our hearts the desire to bring together information that would help to encourage these new believers and even seasoned saints who have a desire to plan spiritual Sabbaths – making them a delight.

As a result, we are opening a new Seminar web site the end of January. In four years of conducting our Sabbath Delight Seminars we have learned there is a critical growing need to gather and pool information from as many sources as possible. Our members need to read and hear testimonies from those who have experienced the Sabbath as the sweetest and most joy-filled day of the week on their ‘date with Christ.’ They need simple and creative ideas, resources and suggestions to help as they plan their Sabbaths with Christ. We pray this will help solve many Sabbath frustrations and turn Sabbath dilemmas into delights!

Won’t you please join us! We invite you to read the list below and share with us creative ideas you may have that would be helpful to others, so they can be blessed as you have been. Whether you share a little or a lot, we hope you can share something. You can write, phone or e-mail your information to us.


  • Real life testimonies. Is there a story how Sabbaths with your Savior are filled with joy and delight?
  • Creative Sabbath ideas. Has the Spirit inspired creative experiences and memories with your Savior you love?
  • Sabbath traditions. Do you have any Sabbath traditions like special Friday evening meals, foods, activities?
  • Sabbath time saving tips. What has made your Sabbath preparations easier and Sabbaths filled with more joy?
  • Sabbath meal receipts. Sabbath eve, breakfast, lunch or supper menus and settings. What delights your family?
  • Solving Sabbath frustrations. How did Christ help you turn your Sabbath dilemma into a delight?
  • Sabbath resources. What resources have helped you the most in experiencing delightful Sabbaths.
  • Links to Sabbath web sights. Share any web site you fine a blessing and why?
  • Inspiring Sabbath materials. What quotable quotes have inspired you? Add it to our Sabbath scrapebook.
  • Your questions about the Sabbath? Do you have an unanswered question? A perplexing Q and your answer!?


There is an additional important reason why we are inviting you to share the “good news” about your Sabbaths with Jesus. We have found at our Seminars that Satan has discouraged many believers in their joy of Sabbath keeping, so that they want to give up planning special Sabbaths. We especially want our web site to open a door of hope and encouragement for them. They need follow up, not only from us as the presenters of the Seminar, but also from church members like you, who have found Christ’s love and joy. This alone can transform our hearts from discouragement to victory – from dilemma to delight, and revolutionize our Sabbaths into the most precious day with Christ. We believe we need to restore our first love for Christ as when we were baptized. Your experiences or ideas shared may help to change and inspire a life!

To all our friends, thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read this outline. I hope you will at least choose one item to share with us. (We would rejoice if you could respond to even more!) Thank you! – CONTACT US!

“The darker our world grows, the sweeter will be our Sabbaths with Jesus.