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Our website is dedicated to sharing why Jesus’ Seventh-day Sabbath is the most joy-filled day of the week. We are not here to debate or criticize others who may have different beliefs. We respect their person and faith.

Those who share information and experiences here will be honest and deal with real life. They know our Creator-Savior arranged this weekly date with them. It is Jesus’ plan to shower His blessings upon all who seek His loving presence and friendship by remembering His Sabbath date.

Dave & Sandy Bostrom

Therefore: Our website is dedicated to our first love for Jesus. For you see, the Sabbath is Jesus’ marriage certificate that proves we are His and He is ours. Jesus calls His Sabbath marriage certificate, a sanctifying seal (Eze. 20:20). Why? Because it separates His day and us to continue our honeymoon of pure love with Him.

Therefore: Our website is dedicated to discover what Jesus put into the seventh-day Sabbath at creation that blesses the day with such joy and delight! Look how science has studied creation’s first six days–light, water, atmosphere, the universe, plants, animals and human life. From the Hubble telescope to electron microscopes look at the incredible knowledge and discoveries we now understand about each day of creation. However, when we come to the 7th day of creation, the Sabbath appears too many as a day off, a day for rest and relaxation. Empty! God’s day for R & R!

Sabbath Road InfographicIsn’t it time for Christians to develop a serious curiosity about the seventh-day Sabbath? It’s time to discover its unseen spiritual laws, blessings, relationships and spiritual power for holiness! What did Jesus put in His day? Could the Sabbath have more marvels to discover than all the other days of creation? Why not? Join us in this journey of discovery. Contribute information if you wish.


  • Provide continued inspirational information to those who have attended our Sabbath Delight Seminars.
  • To teach new seventh-day Sabbath keepers how to spend their entire Sabbath with Christ, nurturing a weekly honeymoon with their Lord.
  • To challenge seasoned saints to rediscover the power of the Holy Spirit found in planning spiritual Sabbaths delighting in Christ and ending any hint of legalism and self righteousness.
  • To provide an extensive resource base of information for parents.
  • To prepare Sabbath keepers for the sealing time.
  • To exalt Christ as Creator, Savior, and the Lord our Righteousness.
  • To share good reports how others delight in sharing Sabbath with Jesus.

“The darker our world grows, the sweeter will be our Sabbaths with Jesus.